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The Supreme Court is a vote away from unraveling years of incremental pro-life legislation as it examines the case surrounding Texas’ abortion-safety law HB2. But holding the abortion industry to a high standard of care should not be controversial, as the health of real women is at stake.

Texas Abortion Safety Law Scotus

The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments on a challenge to Texas’s abortion-safety law HB2. As is characteristic of pro-abortion arguments, the courtroom witnessed several obfuscations, misrepresentations, and outright falsehoods paraded as self-evident truths and garbed in their proponents’ sanctimonious self-assurance. But a clear-eyed assessment of the facts will clear the record.

Texas state legislators understood this bill’s purpose to be ensuring women’s health and safety in abortion transactions. Three key provisions of the bill aim at this object: the requirement that abortion doctors have admitting privileges to hospitals within thirty miles; the requirement that abortion facilities meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs); and the requirement that patients seeking drug-induced abortions take their pills over the course of two days at the ASC and receive them from a doctor.

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One Response to “Setting the Record Straight on Texas’ Abortion-Safety Law”

  1. Nancy Westberg

    I saw an interesting scenario posed on another site. So, I am going to steal it and relay it to everyone here.

    It went like this.

    You are running into a fertility clinic that is on fire. You are able to get into a room and you see a 5 year old child cowering in the corner, next to a freezer that contains 10,000 human embryos. You can save one and only one. The child or the embryos. Which do you save?

    The author of this scenario claims that he has never posed this to a person who’d save the embryos. He concluded that although embryos have value, they certainly do not have the same value as a living person.

    He also entertains comments and one thread of comments kept raising the number of embryos in the freezer in an attempt to “find the equivalency”… at no point does a number of embryos — ANY NUMBER of embryos cause me to leave the boy in the fire. Further, the boy could be in end stage cancer and have one day to live and I’d still (and so would everyone else) grab him and get him out.


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