We urgently need you two write two quick emails to support pro-life initiatives in the Texas Department of State Health Services, which regulates abortion facilities. Your emails will take only a couple of minutes, but they may save many lives.

Woman’s Right to Know Brochure

Since the Texas Legislature passed the Woman’s Right to Know Act in 2003, a priority of Texas Alliance for Life that year, each abortion provider must give women considering abortion the state-produced Woman’s Right to Know Informational Material. This is a booklet that gives information about the developing unborn child, the methods and risks of abortion, and alternatives.

The Department of State Health Services is revising that brochure, and here is a link to the revision.

The new version is easier to read and more informative. We urge you to write to support that brochure. We have been told that abortion providers hate this brochure because of the information it provides to women considering abortion.

Please write as soon as possible. Comments should be emailed by Friday, July 29, 2016.

Sample Message — Please use your own words.

Email: WRTK@dshs.state.tx.us

John Hellerstedt, M.D.
Commissioner, Department of State Health Services

Dear Dr. Hellerstedt,

I am writing to support the revised version of the Woman’s Right to Know Information Material brochure. A woman considering abortion should have enough information to make an informed decision about abortion. The information in this brochure is very important to women considering abortion. I want the Department to approve the new brochure.


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Rules Needed for Humane Disposition of Bodies of Abortion Victims

On July 1, 2016, the Texas Department of State Health Services published proposed rules regarding the humane disposition of the bodies of unborn children after elective abortions. The rules are open for public comment, and they could be adopted as early as July 31. The rules would no longer allow abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood and Whole Woman’s Health, to dispose of the remains of aborted babies by “grinding and discharging into a sanitary sewer system,” which the current rules permit.

Abortion providers already oppose these changes.

Since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, the Supreme Court prevents states from protecting unborn babies from most abortions. However, the State of Texas has a moral obligation to prevent the victims of abortion from being disposed of like medical waste.

Pro-life Governor Greg Abbott strongly supports these rules, and they are consistent with his LIFE Initiative.

We urge all citizens to write to support them. Please send a short email as soon as possible. Time is short. The rules may be adopted as early as July 31.

Here is our news release on this issue.

Sample Message — Please use your own words.

Email: allison.hughes@dshs.state.tx.us

Please specify “Comments on special waste from health care-related facilities” in the subject line.


Allison Hughes, Health Facility Rules Coordinator
Department of State Health Services

Dear Ms. Hughes:

I strongly support the proposed rules to prevent abortion facilities from using garbage disposals and flushing the remains of aborted babies into municipal sewer systems. I urge the department to adopt the proposed rules.

Current law allows abortion providers to dispose of the bodies of the precious unborn babies in that very inhumane manner.

Each abortion is a terrible tragedy. Our state should not allow the abortion providers to treat the victims like medical waste.

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