Drew Springer is a pro-life champion, and he has proved it in the Texas House of Representatives where he now serves. His pro-life credentials are unmatched by anyone else in this race, and he has earned Texas Alliance for Life’s “Courageous Defense of Life” award.

We need him in the Texas State Senate.

Texas Alliance for Life has proudly endorses Drew Springer in the Special Election for State Senate District 30. As one of the leading pro-life organizations in the State, we strongly urge you to get out and vote for Drew Springer. YOUR vote makes a difference. Please get out and vote for Drew Springer, and ask others to do the same!

ELECTION DAY is TODAY, Saturday, December 19. The polls in every county are open until 7 PM.

Click HERE for voting locations.

To learn more, go to SpringerforTexas.com.

Since his time in the Texas Legislature beginning in 2013, he has voted for many pro-life bills that have become laws and are saving lives today.

Those include HB 2 to ban abortions after 20-weeks. The ban also protects all babies with disabilities, including those with Down syndrome and spina bifida. HB 2 also vastly increased abortion facility safety standards, resulting in the closing of more than a dozen abortion facilities. That was in 2013, and he was just getting started.

In 2015 Drew Springer voted for all five pro-life bills passed that year:

  1. HB 3994 to protect minor girls from secret abortions without parental consent,
  2. HB 3074 to protect patients from euthanasia by starvation and dehydration, which Drew authored,
  3. HB 177 to promote adult stem cell cures without destroying human embryos,
  4. HB 416 to protect victims of sex trafficking at abortion facilities, and
  5. HB 3374 to further protect babies with Down syndrome from an abortion.

In 2017 Drew Springer voted in favor of all 10 pro-life bills that were passed, including:

  1. SB 8 shut down Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby body parts by banning partial-birth abortion, banning all research on the tissues and organs from aborted babies, and requiring the humane disposition of the bodies of babies who die from abortion rather than allowing the bodies to be ground and flushed into a sewer system,
  2. HB 2552 further protects victims of sex trafficking by making it a crime to force a woman to have an abortion and creating a first-degree felony (life sentence) for killing an “unborn child” of a minor girl who is a victim of sex trafficking (pimps frequently force their enslaved girls to have abortions),
  3. HB 214 eliminates mandatory coverage for elective abortion in health insurance plans in Texas.
  4. SB 1 doubled the budget for the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program that funds more than 100 pro-life pregnancy resource centers across the state, and
  5. SB 1 continues to DEFUND Planned Parenthood.

Most recently, in 2019 Rep. Drew Springer again voted 100% pro-life. He supported all pro-life bills the Legislature passed, including:

  1. HB 15 to protect babies born alive after an abortion,SB 22 to ban local governments from funding Planned Parenthood,
  2. SB 24 to increase informed consent at abortion facilities,
  3. HB 902 to increase penalties for assaulting a pregnant woman, and
  4. SB 1 that doubled funding for the state’s successful Alternatives to Abortion program

Please vote for Drew Springer!

Political ad is paid for by Texas Alliance for Life PAC.