On Thursday, August 6, Texas Alliance for Life Leadership Circle members gathered in person and tuned in online via Facebook to take part in our quarterly Leadership Circle Luncheon. This hybrid approach provided the best of both worlds in this COVID-19 season – a socially distanced in-person option and an at-home option for those preferring to go that route.

Our President, Davida Stike, warmly welcomed our online and in-person attendees as she kicked off our event.

Our Executive Director Dr. Joe Pojman provided Texas Alliance for Life updates as well as the good news and the not so good news on the latest Planned Parenthood happenings around our state. We invite you to listen to his message here to be in the know on the newest TAL developments (HINT: it’s exciting!).

Our Leadership Circle members were honored to hear from Americans United for Life Senior Counsel Clarke Forsythe, who highlighted three key points in his message. First, we’ve made progress and momentum through a prudential state strategy. Second, the Supreme Court’s June Medical Services decision left the Court’s abortion doctrine as unsettled as ever and signaled a new five-justice majority that will be more deferential to state abortion regulations. Lastly, there are a limited number of days until the election, and we need to focus on re-electing a pro-life president and elected officials. We invite you to listen to Mr. Forsythe’s message here on our YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe to receive notifications on new videos as we add them).

The Texas Alliance for Life Walk for Life is a pro-life walk-a-thon to raise funds to build a culture of life in Texas. The annual walk event takes place the third Saturday in June typically. One highlight of our August Leadership Circle Luncheons is that we take time to recognize our top walkers, teams, and churches. This year, more than 150 walkers participated from 66 churches in Central Texas. Collectively, they received over $103,000 in pledges, an outstanding result that is among our best ever for the 26 walks sponsored by Texas Alliance for Life.

20% of this year’s proceeds will be granted to twenty-one pro-life agencies in the Central Texas area to promote compassionate alternatives to abortion.

We want to thank all of the walkers, churches, volunteers, and sponsors for their support. You can go to our 26th Annual Walk for Life Results page to read more on this year’s walk results, see photos from the five walk locations, and read through the list of winners in each category.

Our next Leadership Circle Luncheon takes place in January of 2021. Stay tuned to our Leadership Circle page for more information as we lock down the details. Additionally, you can find information on how to join our Leadership Circle there as well.