The revised version of the “So You’re Pregnant, Now What?” booklet, produced and distributed by Texas Health and Human Services, is open for public comment through April 14.

Please send a short email supporting the revised version. The revised booklet helps to provide minor girls considering abortion with information about the development of the unborn child, the risks of abortion, and alternatives.

The current version, written decades ago in response to the Texas Family Code Section 33.011, is a terrible document that does little more than provide a road map for how a minor girl — 17 years of age and younger — can obtain an abortion without the consent of her parents.



The new version is a vast improvement. It provides resources and information that minor girls need, especially girls targeted for secret abortions without parental consent.

You can see the current and proposed versions here:

Send an email in favor of the proposed booklet to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission by Saturday, April 14. This will only take a few minutes.

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Dear Commissioner,

I am writing to support the revised version of the “So You’re Pregnant, Now What?” booklet. Minor girls considering abortion need the information provided in the booklet, including prenatal development, risks of abortion, and alternatives to abortion including adoption.

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In 1999 the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Parental Notice Act, a bill requiring abortion doctors to notify a parent or guardian at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on a minor girl, 17 years of age and younger. In 2005, the Legislature increased the requirement to parental consent. In 2015, the Legislature passed HB 3994 to reform the judicial bypass process. All measures were strongly supported by Texas Alliance for Life.

Since the passage of the bills, abortions on minors in Texas have dramatically dropped by 75% (from 4,798 in 1999 to 1,213 in 2015).

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