Please immediately contact and urge the Austin City Council to vote NO on a plan to donate $111,000 per year for 20 years to Planned Parenthood through leased property located at 1823 East 7th Street at virtually no cost. The vote will be tomorrow (Thursday) at the Council meeting. Please make your calls and send your emails by 10 AM.

Please send an email to all 11 members of the council HERE.

Suggested Text:

Dear Members of the Austin City Council,

I urge you to vote NO on Agenda Item #11 to authorize a lease with Planned Parenthood for the use of a city-owned building and tract of land for 20 years at virtually no cost. The current estimated lease value is $111,600 per year, meaning the in-kind contribution would be at least $2,232,000.

I do not want my tax dollars being used to provide or promote abortion. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortion in Texas and in the nation. They operate an abortion facility in South Austin, and the east Austin facility will surely make referrals for abortion and may provide abortions at a future date.

Planned Parenthood provides inferior care for low-income women. The State’s Healthy Texas Women Program offers far better care, and there more than 20 clinics within five miles of the Planned Parenthood site.


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Please call and leave a message for your own council member.

You can find your member and his or her office phone number HERE. (Scroll down to DISTRICT LOOKUP.) Suggested phone message:

Hello, my name is _____________. I live at (address). Please ask (name of your council member) to OPPOSE agenda Item #11 to authorize a 20-year lease with Planned Parenthood. I strongly oppose any agreement with Planned Parenthood because they provide and promote abortion as a method of birth control.

Thank you.

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