This past Friday, January 22, marked 48 years since the Supreme Court’ tragic Roe v. Wade decision.

That decision forbids states from doing anything meaningful to protect unborn babies before viability.

Yet even under the Supreme Court’s severe limits, the progress our Texas legislature has made toward protecting unborn babies and mothers has been nothing short of breathtaking, especially in the last 10 years.

  • The sonogram law,
  • The Choose Life license plate bill,
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood by more than 90% at the state level and 100% at the local level,
  • The 20-week abortion ban, including abortions on babies with disabilities,
  • Protections for women from sex trafficking and forced abortions,
  • A ban on telemedicine abortions,
  • A ban on elective abortion coverage in health insurance,
  • A ban on trafficking of baby body parts,
  • Humane disposition rules,
  • Bans on partial-birth and live, dismemberment abortions,
  • Enormous funding for the Alternative to Abortion program,
  • The Texas Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.

There are many, many more.

The results have been dramatic. In the last decade, abortions in Texas have plummeted from 77,000 in 2010 to 57,000 in 2019 — a 20,000 drop in yearly abortions — an incredible achievement!

Aren’t we so very blessed to have Greg Abbott as our governor? Our Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, also is staunchly pro-life. We have a new Speaker, Dade Phelan from Beaumont. And he’s pro-life, too!

I am not going to call them the Holy Trinity. But we do pray for another successful legislative session. Can I get an AMEN? How about a honk of your horn?

We are hopeful, but not certain, that the Supreme Court, may be willing to take a fresh look at Roe— unencumbered by precedent — and give our legislators more latitude to protect unborn children before viability.

The Texas legislature is meeting right now in our gorgeous state capitol building behind me.

A priority for this session should be the Human Life Protection Act. The Human Life Protection Act is a complete ban on abortion, beginning at fertilization, that will go into effect when and to the extent the Supreme Court reverses or modifies Roe v. Wade.

That bill has already been filed by Senator Angela Paxton, SB 391, and Representative Giovanni Capriglione, HB 1280. If the Supreme Court changes its precedent and allows states to protect non-viable unborn babies, Texas needs to be ready with a new law to ban abortion to the extent allowable under the new precedent.

The Human Life Protection Act is that law.

While abortion remains legal, another priority is to enhance our state’s RU 486, chemical abortion pill safety regulations if the Biden/Harris Administration blocks the FDA’s regulations. State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. has authored SB 394 to do just that.

The Texas Rally for Life is a massive project, and I cannot thank enough the dozens of Host Committee organizations who help put it on. But we need your help. I ask you to press the donate button on your phone or computer and make a contribution to help cover the costs. Whatever you give will make a huge difference.

Thank you to those in the Life Caravan and those watching online.

Stay involved. Support your local pro-life organizations. Support us here in Austin. Contact your elected officials in Washington and in Austin.

Register to Vote.

And Vote pro-life!

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