Write for Life Archive

Write for Life 9.10
Travis County set to approve $450,000 for tax-funded abortions!
Write for Life 8.10
Thank Texas' U.S. senators for opposing the DISCLOSE Act
Write for Life 7.10
Contact Texas' US senators to oppose Kagan for Supreme Court
Write for Life 6.10
Support the Walk 2010
Write for Life 5.10
Austin City Council Passes Ordinance Attacking Pro-Life Centers
Write for Life 4.10
Obama's pro-abortion health care bill narrowly passes US House
Write for Life 3.10
Stop Obama's national health insurance plan that funds abortion
Write for Life 2.10
Vote Twice on March 2 Primary! Attend Your Precinct Convention
Write for Life 12.09
Debate on abortion in health care moves to Senate, then back to House
Write for Life 11.09
Travis County set to approve $450,000 for tax-funded abortions!
Write for Life 10.09
Help stop Travis County tax-funded abortions!
Write for Life 9.09
Vote in US House expected shortly after Labor Day -- Stop the health care abortion mandate!
Write for Life 8.09
Stop the health care abortion mandate
Write for Life 7.09
Planned Parenthood caught running illegal abortion facilities in Texas
Write for Life 6.09
Please thank the state legislative leaders for Choose Life bill success
Write for Life 5.09
Get the ultrasound bill passed!
Write for Life 4.09
Help de-fund Planned Parenthood!
Write for Life 3.09
Please ask your state elected officials to support the Choose Life bill
Write for Life 2.09
Thank Governor Rick Perry for advocating for unborn babies
Write for Life 1.09
Ask Senator Hutchison to reverse her support of Roe
Write for Life 12.08
URGENT: Stop the FOCA!
Write for Life 11.08
Make your voice heard in the General Election!
Write for Life 8.08
Support the federal abortion conscience clause
Write for Life 7.08
Thank Speaker Craddick for pushing adult stem cell research
Write for Life 6.08
A historic adult stem cell hearing
Write for Life 5.08
Stop the Freedom of Choice Act!
Write for Life 4.08
Letters needed to support adult (not embryonic) stem cell funds
Write for Life 3.08
Help stop tax-funded abortions in Congress
Write for Life 2.08
Vote twice on March 4! Attend your precinct convention
Write for Life 1.08
Texas Rally for Life -- Sat., Jan. 26: Join thousands of Texans for the biggest pro-life rally in the state!
Write for Life 12.07
Contacts to Congress urgently needed to assure unborn children included in SCHIP program
Write for Life 11.07
Letters needed to stop U.S. tax dollars used to promote abortion overseas
Write for Life 10.07
Help stop the "Freedom of Choice Act"; would reverse all Texas' pro-life gains.
Write for Life 9.07
Stop Medicare rationing of life-saving care for elders before it begins
Write for Life 8.07
Thank Sen. John Cornyn for opposing funding for embryo-destructive research
Write for Life 7.07
Ask Sen. Hutchison to vote NO on tax funding for embryonic stem cell research. (Cornyn is correct!)
Write for Life 6.07
Huge victory in Texas Legislature! First ever line-item funding for life-saving adult stem cell research
Write for Life 2.07
Calls and letters urgently needed on stem cell research & cloning to TX Leg.
Write for Life 11.06
Promote ethical stem cell research -- sign the petition on stem cell funding
Write for Life 10.06
Do your state senator and representative support a pro-life agenda on stem cells?
Write for Life 9.06
Thank Governor Perry for his consistent support for parents' rights
Write for Life 8.06
On destroying human embryos Cornyn voted pro-life, Hutchison did not
Write for Life 6.06
Huge victory in Texas Legislature! Pro-lifers defeat tax funding of human embryonic stem cell research
Write for Life 4.06
URGENT: Help stop tax-funded human cloning before it begins