Stop the NARAL Attack Ordinance

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Austin City Council Voted April 8 for Anti-Pregnancy Resource Center Ordinance Pushed by National Abortion Rights Action League

The Austin City Council voted Thursday, April 8, on an anti-pregnancy resource center ordinance pushed by the radical National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). This "NARAL Attack Ordinance" requires pro-life organizations that counsel pregnant women and refuse to perform or promote abortion to post a sign at the doorway stating that or face serious criminal penalties.

We are asking all residents of Austin to please contact each member of the City Council to express their disappointment that the Council passed the "NARAL Attack Ordinance."

AUSTIN CITY COUNCIL (Questions, call the City Clerk at 512.974.2210):

  • The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is one of the nation's leading abortion advocacy organizations, and NARAL has a radical agenda. So radical is their agenda that they advocate for laws permitting secret abortions performed on minor girls funded by tax dollars. In Texas they have opposed virtually all laws to regulate abortion facilities considered or passed by the Texas Legislature, including the parental notification and consent laws for abortions performed on minor girls, laws requiring that abortion be performed by a physician in licensed facilities, and the law requiring that abortion providers give information to women before they consent to an abortion.
  • The goal of NARAL is to use the City of Austin to attack our city's pro-life pregnancy resource centers, thereby substantially burdening their life-saving activities. Opponents call it the "NARAL Attack Ordinance." The ordinance makes it a crime for an organization that does not perform or do abortion referrals to counsel pregnant women about alternatives to abortions unless they post a sign at the doorway stating that they do not perform or refer for abortions.
  • NARAL has attempted to pass similar laws in other states, including Virginia, Oregon, Michigan, and New York. Most attempts have been unsuccessful. However, they were successful in Maryland, where the City of Baltimore passed a similar ordinance in December. There, the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore and a local pregnancy resource center have sued in federal court to strike down the ordinance as an unconstitutional violation of their free speech and free exercise of religion. This is the first time the NARAL Attack Ordinance has been proposed in a city in our state. We can expect there will be attempts in to harass the more than 200 pro-life pregnancy resource centers in other Texas cities. In fact, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas stated on its website after this ordinance passed, "Our plan is to replicate this effort in cities across the state."
  • Several pro-life pregnancy resource centers in Austin will be affected, including Austin LifeCare, Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, South Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, and the Catholic Diocese of Austin Gabriel Project Life Center. They provide excellent and much needed services to thousands of pregnant women each year by helping them find compassionate alternatives to abortion (childbirth or adoption) and by providing material support for the women and their babies.

    Some of the confidential services Austin's pregnancy resource centers offer include:

    · Free Pregnancy Test
    · Free Individual Support from trained staff to walk the woman through this difficult time
    · Free Limited ultrasound
    · Free Parenting Classes
    · Free Life Skills Classes
    · Free Computer lab/classes to enhance career growth
    · Free Adoption Referrals
Questions? Call 512.477.1244 or info@texasallianceforlife.org.

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updated 4/9/10