Adoption Stories

Funds raised from the sale of Choose Life specialty license plates are distributed to qualified organizations that provide counseling and material assistance to pregnant women considering placing their unborn children for adoption, including pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies.

Following are some powerful adoption stories that helped to make the Choose Life license plate a reality in Texas!

Chris and Kate Raeder chose the path of life when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Kimberly Speirs put her words into action when she adopted her son Michael.

Michelle Stepp faced tough choices with courage, choosing adoption for her son Eli.

Adopted herself, Julie Stobbe founded the adoption awareness organization Act of Life to equip pregnancy center staff to confidently discuss adoption with their clients.

Todd and Cindy Ashby adopted two of their three children.

Briana Feiler knew from her experience working at the Austin Gabriel Project Life Center the need for training to discuss the option of adoption with clients.

Erin and Dale Butler built their family through infant adoption.

Lori DeVillez of the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center looks forward to how funds from the Choose Life license plates can help her volunteer-based staff offer adoption as another viable option to the women they serve.

Questions? Contact chooselife@texasallianceforlife.org or 512.477.1244.